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Property Management Services

Professional & Comprehensive

Protecting your investment is our upmost priority, and we understand the importance of minimizing costs while maximizing income. We structure our management services to be all-inclusive to ensure that your real estate endeavor is a success.

Property Management Services


We do everything we can to keep you informed about your property, and communicate with both the client and the tenant during the entire rental process. Our team is also readily available to answer your questions and to make sure you get the most out of your investment.


We know you want to see a return on your investment as soon as possible. We take care of all marketing and advertising efforts for your property to make this happen. Your property is advertised on our high-traffic channels, and our property manager promptly responds to all inquiries to keep the process moving forward.


Finding the right tenant is key to ensuring the success of your investment and safety of your property. Our tenant screening process is thorough, and involves a comprehensive background check, income verification, and rental history. 


From scheduling the lease-signing to evaluating the property's condition, our property manager executes the entire leasing process alongside the tenant. Our contract is professionally developed and includes necessary disclosures and notices to minimize the risk of liability for owners. All payments and fees are acquired, and we educate the tenant on all policies. 


We ensure timely rent collection as well as prompt deposits into your account. Our collection process is professional but tough. We handle any tenant disputes, but our policies are designed to build positive relationships with tenants to encourage an expeditious financial outcome. 


Regular maintenance and repairs can easily become the biggest hassle when owning a rental property. At Bruins Properties, we manage these as necessary expenses with cost-effective solutions. We work with professional contractors and vendors to provide a level of service that is both economical and exceptional.

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Regular property inspections are advantageous because they help us asses your property's condition. We conduct regular evaluations to determine that tenants are adhering to their lease. Verifying your property's condition can also reveal maintenance that needs to be done before it becomes a costly repair. 


Even though we will do everything we can to find reliable tenants and establish fair rental processes, evictions can happen. Our team is very knowledgeable in landlord/tenant law, and we can recommend if eviction is the best course of action. We initiate legal proceedings, work to reclaim your property, and attempt smooth tenant transitions.


At Bruins Properties, our goal is to protect your investment while minimizing your costs and maximizing your income. To manage and optimize this, we use an all-inclusive accounting system that tracks costs and fees and generates detailed reports. We handle the numbers so that you can see the profit. 


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